Benefits of Spray Foam Training

As a contractor in the world of Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) insulation, you control all the elements related to the installation process: the equipment, the temperature of the material, and much more.

However, without proper training or education from your spray foam equipment supplier and other industry experts, things can go wrong.

If something does happen on one of your job sites, one of the first questions customers ask is often related to the original training and certification of the installers involved in the project.

Spray foam training, certification, and support for both you and your team members are more critical than ever. In fact, as soon as you walk onto an SPF job site, you must be prepared to take responsibility when it comes to anything related to your SPF job.

Unlike other types of insulation, with spray foam, you use chemicals to mix and create the product on the job site. Ultimately, if you are the owner, manager, or supervisor of an SPF business, the liability of processing the chemicals correctly, as well as proper installation and safety measures, falls on you.

The bottom line: maintaining your team of installers with the proper spray foam certifications in safety and handling are a vital aspect of running a successful operation.

At Intech Equipment and Supply, for example, our technical team provides support to our contractor customers to help enhance their SPF equipment knowledge and skill-base. Much of this training and support takes place during the purchase process and beyond.

Check Out the Benefits of Spray Foam Training

As an SPF contractor, getting yourself and your employees certified, well-trained and educated about all-things related to spray foam is an important responsibility.

Yet, it is important to understand that it is more than simple compliance at stake; there are numerous advantages for you, your business, and your customers that come along with proper training and certification.

Spray foam training and certification can offer you and your employees:

  • A leg up against the competition. When it comes to installation and application liability, having certified applicators on your team can be your best competitive advantage. Show your customers that your team is qualified and provide them with confidence in their decision to enlist your services.
  • Economic peace of mind. The best thing you can do as an SPF contractor is to be as knowledgeable as you can about the particular equipment and products you use for spray foam jobs. As such, profits will increase due to happy, satisfied customers.
  • The mark of a professional. With the right training and experience, customers will expect nothing less than quality, diligent, expert performance when it comes to their spray foam needs.

Where You Can Start

The Center for the Polyurethanes Industry (CPI) of the American Chemistry Council offers a wide range of safety education certification programs.

CPI certification provides low-pressure and high-pressure SPF chemical health and safety training that you can complete on your schedule. As long as you score 70 percent or higher on a final exam, you can pass the course and receive a “Recognition of Completion” card, which is good for two years.

Additional Continuing Certification Programs

There are other  to consider with the Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance’s (SPFA) Professional Certification Program.

This program is a progression of four certification levels, including SPF Assistant, SPF Insulation Installer, SPF Insulation Master Installer, and SPF Insulation Project Manager.

SPFA’s certification is one of the most extensive and rigorous programs for SPF professionals available, with each level requiring written and field examinations and renewal required annually. To access the handbook that features the curriculum, study guides, written exams, and field exam forms, click here.

The Key to Your Success

In-depth training and a comprehensive understanding of SPF insulation and equipment are perhaps the biggest keys to success.

Training must include the technical aspects of an SPF operation from chemical processing to equipment operation, as well as maintenance and troubleshooting.

Many of today’s spray foam equipment distributors offer comprehensive training that allows SPF contractors to get their business up and running quickly. Also, some spray foam equipment suppliers provide training to brand new contractors buying their first mobile spray rig.

Finally, try to view training, certification, and SPF knowledge as a continual effort, versus a one-and-done achievement. We recommend that contractors and their team members keep up with continuous training.

With the SPF industry continuing to grow, and showing no signs of slowing down, it is becoming more important than ever for SPF contractors to stay current on their training and education.

If you would like more information about spray foam training, support, or you have equipment-related questions, contact us today.