Customer Service Is Key

spray foam suppliesIt’s no secret that buying SPF equipment is a pretty big investment, easily the largest capital outlay for the business. At Intech Equipment and Supply, we often hear the following question:

With so many spray foam equipment manufacturers distributors around, why should prospective customers choose Intech?

The answer is quite simple.

In fact, for many years, our management team members have listened to people complain about how expensive Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) insulation equipment and parts are, and how certain companies only care about money – and not about the end users they are supposed to be helping.

This is where our company comes into the picture. At Intech, our focus has always been on integrity and our end user. We are here to help provide our SPF customers with the equipment and supplies they need, and at prices that truly make sense.

Why Hold Things Up?

While a few smaller and less established SPF suppliers have valued their products and service than Intech it’s important to understand the phenomenon surrounding total cost of ownership. More specifically, it means the 24/7, nationwide customer service you receive from our professionals on the backend.

Let’s say you’re a brand-new spray insulation contractor and you have your first, official big job. But what do you do when things go bad?

Perhaps you purchased your equipment cheap from a big online distributor, but now you can’t get them on the phone to help you with trouble-shooting or repairs. As a result, you are holding up the project’s builders and other contractors because you can’t get the job done without repair work. In the end the entire project ends up costing you more than initially projected.

However, when making purchases for spray foam supplies through Intech, businesses are typically back to work the very next day, even when issues arise, instead of wondering what is going to happen next – and more importantly, when.

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