End of Season Perfect Time to Buy or Trade Used Equipment

Buy used spray foam equipmentFor a new or budget-conscious roofing or insulation contractor, the significant cost of purchasing new spray foam or roofing equipment can often be overwhelming or nearly impossible to afford.

Meanwhile, for existing and thriving businesses, the need is often to expand or improve their current equipment inventory. Perhaps your business needs have changed. Or maybe you just want to upgrade and step up to a higher price level or better grade of equipment. Whatever the situation, you need new equipment and no longer have a use for the items you have. We have the perfect solution!

Intech Equipment & Supply has a department specifically focused on used equipment. This provides smaller or new contractors with a cost-efficient way to get started. It also offers a trade-in/step-up option for contractors who want to replace equipment that no longer fits their needs.

This is a strategy that can help new insulation or roofing professionals to overcome the considerable cost of entering the industry. At the same time, it can allow established contractors to save money when they need to upgrade their equipment.

For those looking to buy, it is important remember that in this case, “used” doesn’t mean second-rate or low-quality. Our inventory of used equipment includes the same quality and brands that we offer in our new equipment.

Contact us to learn more about our available inventory of used roofing and spray foam equipment or to get details about our trade-in program.