Finish an Attic or Basement with Spray Foam Insulation

Finish an Attic or Basement with Spray Foam InsulationMany homeowners these days are trying to expand their available living space in their current properties. This is especially true for people who love their current home but can’t quite use it as they would like. Perhaps their family has grown, or they want to combine several generations together in one place. Or their needs may have changed, such as if someone in the household now needs a home office for business purposes.

Whatever the situation, they need to increase the space they have available for household use. If they don’t want to take on the hassle or expenses of expanding square footage in the form of a home addition, they need to consider their options without changing the structure’s existing perimeter.

One of the most common and cost-efficient strategies in this situation is to think about ways to better use some existing areas, such as the attic or the basement. If these rooms haven’t previously been finished, they may not be ideal living spaces in their current state. Among other things, they may not have adequate heating or cooling, and are likely drafty or uncomfortable.

This obviously isn’t an ideal environment for members of the household who want or need to spend a lot of time in that space, perhaps even sleeping there. So this is likely something the property owner will want to rectify quickly as part of their efforts to renovate and upgrade that space. One of the first steps to finishing an attic or basement is to insulate or weatherproof. It’s important to keep the elements out, avoid wasting energy and eliminate drafts or leaks. The choice of insulating material is critical, as that will have a big impact on the comfort and livability of the finished space.

Spray foam insulation and coatings have become increasingly popular for improving any type of property, but they can be especially helpful in the case of previously unused space that is now being improved. The impressive energy efficient properties of spray foam will also help to conserve energy and prevent heating or cooling dollars from escaping right through the walls. This will help keep the ongoing cost of maintaining that new space as low as possible.

Home improvement or insulation contractors will of course strive to ensure their customers are completely pleased with their finished space, while also helping those customers enjoy the lowest possible utility bills in the future. They can accomplish this by using spray foam insulation to make the space more comfortable and energy efficient. Intech Equipment & Supply has all of the spray foam equipment and other materials needed for insulating an attic or basement.