Graco E-20 Spray Machine for Smaller Specialty Projects

Graco E-20 Spray Machine The Graco E-20 electric reactor spray machine is the perfect tool for jobs involving sprayfoam insulation materials.

Got a smaller or unique spray foam project and want to get it finished fast? Here is your solution. This machine is designed especially for lower output jobs, because it does not need a large diesel powered generator.  In fact a licensed electrician can hook it up to shore power so you can power the E-20 without a generator.   The Reactor E20  has lots of features designed to keep your jobsite up and running with minimal downtime. The built-in system diagnosis feature is great for helping you monitor the machine, and also lets you troubleshoot and identify problems before they get bigger. The digital interface lets you easily control and monitor  pressure and temperature, and also allows for quick adjustments to optimize your yield.  Intech Equipment can custom design a cart mounted system using the E20 as the main proportioner to tackle jobs like apartments, high rise condos or even commercial roofing applications using low rise foam adhesives to fully adhere ISO boards or single ply membranes.

Of course, since this is made by Graco, you can also enjoy the peace of mind that you get from knowing you can rely on the highest level of quality and durability. If dependable equipment is important to you, this machine will be a great, versatile choice.

For any type of Graco spray equipment or other spray foam equipment, check out the online store at Intech Equipment & Supply.