Grow a Winning SPF Business

spray foam insulationThere’s no question that today’s Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) insulation contractors need a good supplier who can support their growth.

At Intech Equipment and Supply, we strongly believe that those who have been around in the industry long enough to know the “in’s and out’s” can grow from the support of the right equipment and related parts supplier.

With this said, SPF professionals are entering the spray foam market every day. Often times, these contractors can be hasty when choosing an SPF equipment and parts supplier, potentially winding up with the wrong people on their side of the ring. In order to avoid this scenario, here are a few crucial factors to take into consideration:

  • Patience. Like any other industry, patience is key. Therefore, it is important for SPF contractors to make sure that the supplier in their corner has the patience to help them develop and mature in their market. Contractors should seek out a supplier that is willing to work in collaboration with them, where constant communication about vital issues, and discussions about short-and-long-term goals occurs regularly.
  • Measurement and goals. Another important feature to look for in a distributor is their ability to provide correct business metrics that confirm the performance of the product they are utilizing, or total cost of ownership. These metrics can include the calculation of yield and profitability involved in every spray foam application the contractor completes.
  • Equipment. In the ring, it’s no secret that a fighter needs gloves, shoes and training. In the field, an SPF contractor also needs the right tools and proper training. Is the supplier in your corner providing the right training and equipment support you need to keep you in optimum shape? The right supplier in your corner always has your back. Whether you have an application question or require technical service to troubleshoot your SPF equipment, your supplier should be there to provide you with the correct tools to get the job done.


A supplier that is committed to help grow their customer contractor’s business knows that they’re in it for the long haul. Just like the contractor puts their faith and money on the supplier, the supplier should reciprocally provide its complete support. It is a mutually beneficial marriage – but no marriage exists without its rough rounds. Therefore, the supplier will sacrifice its time and financially procure aforementioned resources such as marketing information, equipment, and personnel needed to ensure the best opportunity for success and expansion of an SPF contracting business through thick and thin.


In the end, a solid partnership between a boxer and his trainer is what truly produces a knockout. Does your supplier work with you so that you both prosper? Often business is viewed as a value chain. Does your supplier see you as a part of their value chain or are you the end of the value chain? Does the supplier want to support you by working to customize your business for your market so they are truly addressing your part of the value chain? This is where the appropriate building science for your climate zone comes in, the terms to support you for both residential and commercial jobs, the willingness to work with you as you grow with creative support developed in concert with you.

SES Foam, LLC. truly sees their contractors and partners and works to improve their customer’s business. Ask an SES contractor how the relationship works and you will be surprised about the support level these privileged contractors are enjoying.

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