Insulating Spray Foam in Innovative Aircraft Project

Insulating Spray Foam in Innovative Aircraft Project You might say that the spray foam industry is expanding its horizons and is now thinking with a goal towards the futuristic. The insulating material is playing a critical role in a groundbreaking and innovative project.

Solar Impulse is a unique type of aircraft. It is the only aircraft of its kind that can fly continuously on solar power. It can fly day and night, purely on solar power with no fuel needed. Creators of the aircraft are preparing for its first big test, and it is an ambitious one. They plan to use it for a journey around the world. That would be a huge, record-setting accomplishment for a long-range solar aircraft.

Needless to say, this plane is carefully constructed using strategically chosen materials. The cockpit is being insulated using spray foam materials. The properties of insulating spray foam are especially attractive given that the aircraft will be flying through wildly fluctuating conditions that will include extreme variations in temperature. Polyurethane foam is also used to insulate the plane’s batteries and for other tasks.

This illustrates the many diverse and often surprising ways that spray foam can be used for safety, comfort and energy savings. While most contractors may never need to insulate an innovative aircraft, they will often need to serve customers and help provide them with a safe and comfortable living space. They can get all of the spray foam equipment they need at Intech Equipment & Supply.