Insulating Spray Foam Used in Award-Winning Project

Insulating Spray Foam Used in Award-Winning Project As many owners of old homes and other “mature” properties know, these structures don’t tend to be all that energy efficient. The tendency to have lots of gaps and cracks, coupled with little or no high-quality insulation, often makes older homes drafty and tough to heat or cool efficiently and in an affordable way.

That was certainly the case for a large group of homes in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. The homes were built in 1942 in order to house some of the thousands of workers who suddenly descended on the town in order to work on the Manhattan Project.

Many of those homes are still standing, but fall woefully short of the energy efficient standards common to today’s building processes. One of these homes were selected to be the test case for the Tennessee Valley Authority Extreme Energy Makeover grant program, funded through the Environmental Protection Agency and designed to retrofit older homes with more modern materials to improve energy efficiency.

As part of the project, the contractor, PROFOAM, decided to use insulating spray foam inside the home’s walls, on the roof and underneath the floors. After the project’s completion, the home was found to consume 51% less energy. This project was impressive enough to earn PROFOAM an award in the residential wall foam category for the SPFA 2014 National Contractor Excellence Awards.

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