Interested in Getting Started in the Spray Foam Business?

spray foam businessSpray foam is an amazingly innovative and versatile product that fits into numerous markets, with one of the most popular being building and construction. And within the construction industry, as you may already be aware, spray foam fills a number of application niches, from retrofit insulation to commercial air barriers for new construction.

As such, the spray foam industry is growing at an incredibly rapid rate, gaining wider adoption across the U.S. and around the world. With this said, it’s not surprising that large numbers of contractors are looking to enter this opportunity-filled market.

Here are some factors prospective contractors should take into consideration, hopefully giving them a better idea about what to expect when getting started in the spray foam business.

Developing a Solid Game Plan

There are many other types of spray foam applications, so at the start of your venture, it can be advantageous to specialize in a specific market and application, like commercial roofing or residential insulation.

Contractors should always consider not only the type of work they want to do, but also the type of work already being done in their immediate community, or rather, the competition. Think about it: even if you specialize in crawl space and attic applications, it’s not going to necessarily be very profitable if several other contractors in your area already offer these same specialty services.

That being said, niche applications, like insulating farm buildings or even storage tanks, can be quite profitable. The bottom line: it’s more about understanding the market needs of the service area a contractor has in mind. Either way, developing an application focus will also help determine many other aspects of the business, including required equipment, type of training and the kinds of of materials required.

Making the Investment

When becoming a spray foam contractor, often the deal breaker can be the required investment in time, energy and money typically concentrated in several areas, including equipment, materials, training and marketing.

Typically, the majority of the financial investment is the spray application equipment, which can require an investment of  $30,000 at a minimum to more than six figures. Remember, the investment will vary based on the types of applications a contractor intends to offer, and whether they opt for standard or high-end equipment.

Selecting a Supplier

The next step is determining where you will purchase your equipment and materials. Most spray foam manufacturers and distributors offer both equipment and support services.

Choosing a company to be your primary supplier is an important, and there are numerous elements to take into consideration. For example,

  1. Do they have specific materials and types of equipment well-suited for your application?
  2. Are they located near your service area to support you with supplies, parts and customer service?
  3. Do they have experience in the applications you want to offer?

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