Landlords Help Tenants Save Utility Costs with Spray Foam

Lower utilities with Spray Foam

Image courtesy of DAS Products Inc.

Owners of multi-unit residential properties need to be concerned about the utility costs of their tenants. Helping tenants save money is just a compassionate thing to do, but it also has a practical benefit for landlords. It’s simple math: tenants only have so much money to spend each month, and the more they have to pay for utilities, they less they will have available for rent—which could mean they may struggle to afford their rent, especially during months when utility bills tend to spike.

This can also be a nice feature to promote when trying to find a good tenant for a vacant unit. Touting the low energy bills can help you attract a wider group of tenant candidates.

While some factors affecting tenants’ utility costs are out of the property owners’ hands, there are some things the landlord can do to help make the property more energy efficient, which in turn reduces energy usage.

One very effective tactic is to make the building more airtight to eliminate drafts that could waste energy. This requires a good insulation material, such as spray foam. Fortunately, upgrading a building to spray foam insulation  doesn’t have to be a huge hassle. If the contractor has the right equipment, this job can be completed quickly, with minimal disruption to residents.

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