Make Property Storm Strong with Spray Foam Equipment

Make Property Storm Strong with Spray Foam EquipmentIt seems like people in all regions of our country are being hit with major storms of stronger intensity and on a more frequent basis than ever in recent memory. These storms can be dangerous, but they can also cause major, costly property damage.

Storms can come in a variety of types: snow, ice, rain, hail and wind are among the elements that can commonly be found in major storms. Even a seemingly small storm can cause a surprising amount of damage to a home, car or other property.

Hail alone accounts for a staggering amount of property damage each year. State Farm reports that damage caused by hail cost the company and its customers more than $3.9 billion in 2012. Perhaps it isn’t surprising that, according to this HouseLogic article, many insurers now want to limit roof coverage for hail-related claims.

Of course, hail is just one weather-related threat to a property’s roof. Snow, rain and wind are also responsible for huge volumes of insurance claims and repair bills each year. Considering that insurers are trying to restrict coverage, this can result in high costs that property owners must pay out of their own pocket.

Property owners are obviously eager to avoid this scenario. One very effective way they can do this is to reinforce their roof and insulate the space underneath it with spray foam insulation and roofing materials. This will not only help protect and strengthen the roof (and the rest of the property), it also makes the home or building more energy-efficient, saving the owners money.

Contractors who want to help customers protect their property from storm damage will need the right spray foam equipment to complete these jobs. They can find everything they need at Intech Equipment & Supply.