Need A Few Spray Foam Selling Points?

spray foam sellingFrom new construction to a renovation or retrofit job, it’s no secret among the contractor community that spray foam can be a great investment in buildings and homes today.

However, do you need a few selling points to convince your potential spray foam customers to make the switch?

For starters, spray foam can be helpful when it comes to lowering energy bills – this innovative solution reduces air leaks and improves a building or home’s overall energy efficiency.

In some cases, choosing spray foam may qualify consumers for tax credits or rebates and other incentives. To find available local and state incentives, visit the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency (DSIRE) at

Flexibility to fill gaps and leaks

Spray foam can improve a building’s indoor environment by making it more comfortable, especially during extreme hot and cold seasons. With a high R-value and air barrier properties, spray foam is a powerful, yet flexible insulation material that has the unique ability to fill the gaps and holes that are often difficult to seal. This gives it a unique ability to prevent leaks and drafts.

This aspect is extremely important, in light of numerous studies (including those conducted by the Department of Energy) that show roughly 40 percent of a home’s energy is lost when air escapes through walls, windows and doors.

Another great reason: the exceptional air barrier that spray foam creates can work to keep dust and pollen out of your home—a welcome benefit for allergy sufferers.

Last, But Not Least

Home and building owners in areas of the country affected by hurricanes and other severe weather can use spray foam to help improve the strength and durability of their homes.

Spray foam helps improve a building’s resistance to wind uplift, so during periods of excessive, high winds, a home or building with a spray foam roof is likely to experience less damage than a building with traditional roofing materials.

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