PMC a Top Choice for Polyurethane Spray Guns and Supplies

You know a company is dedicated to polyurethane equipment when they put it right in their name. Polyurethane Machinery Corp (PMC) is a top manufacturer of spray guns and other equipment and accessories for the spray foam and coatings industries.

Known for their durable and high-quality products (which are all made in the United States), PMC has developed a loyal following among professionals in the building, roofing and contracting industries. These building professionals respect and appreciate PMC’s dedication to the highest standards of quality.

The company also constantly strives to stay informed about the needs and priorities of those in the industries they serve. To that end, company designers and other representatives constantly consult with distributors and veteran contractors alike in creating and expanding the product line. This is all a part of PMC’s mission of putting customers first, and ensuring everything the company does revolves around meeting customers’ needs.

While other companies may fall into the trap of spreading themselves too thin by trying to branch out into too many directions, PMC doesn’t stray from their primary focus of serving those who deal with polyurethanes and their application. They specialize in the manufacture of the major products of a urethane spray system including but not limited to proportioning units, a uniquely designed heated hose system, transfer pumps, spray guns and the auxiliary equipment required by a contractor to successfully and economically apply residential foam insulation, roofing, pour foam, Polyurea and Polyurea hybrid coatings.

The PMC product line is designed to meet any need a contractor or business may have, but the company can also offer customized solutions to meet an individual customer’s specific needs.

At Intech Equipment & Supply, we make it a point to partner with companies that adhere to the same standards and customer-first philosophy that we do. We know how popular and respected the PMC name is among building professionals, and we are proud to be able to offer the company’s products to our customers.

We offer an assortment of PMC products, including proportioners that can be used for polyurethane spray applications. As always, you can receive these items quickly when you place your order through our online store. If you have questions or need assistance, one of our customer service specialists would be happy to help.