Reinforce and Protect with Spray On Foam

Spray On Foam This is a time of year when many property owners start thinking about ways in which they can protect their homes and buildings from the damage that can be caused by severe weather. This can include leaks from rain and melting snow, as well as damage caused by storm-related winds.

Weather-related damage can be costly, and can also cause serious structural issues to the property, some of which may present a safety issue or compromise the integrity of the building. Leaks and wind can also damage the property contained within the home or building.

Needless to say, it is important for people and businesses to do everything in their power to prevent these issues and the losses and expenses that can accompany them. In addition, measures taken to prevent leaks and vulnerabilities can also often make the property more energy efficient at the same time. This offers financial benefits, in the form of utility bills that are reduced, often to a significant degree.

While many property owners may be eager to achieve the security and other benefits of protecting their property from the elements, they may be afraid of what it will take to achieve that goal. They may fear that trying to add reinforcement elements to an existing structure will be a complicated or time-consuming process.

Fortunately, this is not necessarily the case. As many contractors already know, there are some very effective techniques for strengthening and protecting a property in a relatively quick and simple way. Among the most popular options: using spray foam as an insulating and/or roofing material. Spray foam offers excellent insulation and weather-proofing characteristics, and is a terrific choice to make a property more energy efficient.

Because spray-on foam creates a solid, airtight membrane, it is a great way to create a layer of reinforcement on the roof surface, as well as establishing an airtight barrier within walls. As a bonus, these materials can usually be applied quickly, so the property can be protected immediately. Even better, this allows the property owner to start realizing the financial benefits of spray foam right away—perhaps even when their next utility bill arrives. Then the owner can enjoy ongoing benefits as the spray foam materials continue to provide consistent protection against costly wind and water damage.

Intech Equipment & Supply has a large inventory of spray foam equipment that will allow contractors to help them protect customers’ properties against whatever Mother Nature throws at them.