Roofing Issues Can Cause Insurance Headaches

damaged roofRoof-related damages are among the most common types of claims submitted by property owners to their insurance companies. They can also be among the most complicated, causing plenty of headaches for both the property owner and their insurance agent.

As with anything else related to insurance, there are often plenty of caveats and lots of fine print. The insurance companies have an assortment of conditions and exclusions that spell out in detail exactly what they will and will not cover.

With regards to roof damage, they will often consider factors such as what caused the damage and what kind of condition the roof was in prior to the event. If a loss occurs due to water damage but the roof was neglected or in need of repair, this can impact the amount (if any) the insurance company is willing to pay.

This also explains why insurance companies will frequently send representatives around to personally inspect the roofs of properties they insure. They want to make sure the owner is doing everything possible to lessen the likelihood of damage or prevent problems. Repairing a roof by reinforcing it with spray foam roofing materials can make a big difference in protecting the property from water damage and storm-related losses.

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