Spray Foam Equipment Renews University Landmark


Image courtesy of National Coatings

The University of Missouri’s Memorial Union is a well-known campus highlight. It’s also considered a local historical landmark, one that’s treasured by area residents and University alumni. The bell tower and Gothic design are certainly striking, but the real importance is the significance of the structure as a memorial to the school alumni who were killed in World War I.

Needless to say, when it was discovered that the building was suffering from serious structural issues due to aging and soil erosion, this caused a lot of anxiety among many affiliated with the University.

A team of engineers eventually came up with a plan. It involved the use of polyurethane spray foam in a process called “foam-jacking” in which the foam is sprayed into areas under and around the building, to fill in any holes or crumbling areas and provide valuable reinforcement that supports the structure.

University and project officials liked the fact that spray foam was easy to apply, dried quickly and the project could be done without closing the building for an extended period of time.

The project couldn’t have been completed without an assortment of reliable spray foam equipment, such as that you can find at Intech Equipment & Supply.