Spray Foam Helps in New Orleans Home Makeover

If you had driven by a small rundown home on Peniston Street in New Orleans two years ago, the only thing that would have stood out to you would have been the shabby condition of the place, and how desperately it needed some TLC. Today, the place is a jewel of the neighborhood. Its current condition is so impressive that it earned a spotlight feature on the website of House Beautiful.

This formerly dilapidated property went through a complete and extensive overhaul that addressed every part of the structure. The home has undergone such a dramatic transformation over the past 18 months that it doesn’t even look like the same place that could fairly be described as an eyesore not too long ago.

It went from what appeared to be a one-story dreary shack to a two-level stunner. The exterior looks completely different, but the overhaul is even more noticeable when you go inside. There’s a kitchen island, custom built-ins and a master suite with a bathroom that looks to be straight out of a luxury spa. The hardwood floors and staircases are restored original elements, which helps accentuate the home’s historical pedigree.

The improvements go way beyond the cosmetic, however. The renovation was done with an eye towards making the property more efficient and earth friendly. Some of the improvements that supported that goal were high efficiency windows, a tankless water heater and a solar panel roof system.

In addition, spray foam insulation was used to help reduce energy loss and make the interior living space much more comfortable. This is important given the climate and will certainly come in handy during those steamy Louisiana summers.

All of these improvements will pay off for the owners financially in several ways. They make the property more cost efficient to maintain, in the form of lower utility bills. But they also will help the current owners possibly make a very nice profit. The home was purchased in 2014 for $75,000 and has now been listed for sale at nearly ten times that amount. While most property owners probably won’t be able to expect quite such a staggering payoff, the rewards they can commonly expect from cutting their utility bills can translate to quite a return on the investment from the initial cost of spray foam insulation.

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