Spray Foam Helps Properties in Alaska and Elsewhere

It’s no surprise to learn that the unique and extreme weather conditions in Alaska can present a variety of challenges in many different situations involved in daily life. Residents and businesses in that state have learned to adapt to the harsh climate and the specific considerations that this type of environment requires.

Structures in this region of the country must withstand sub-zero Arctic temperatures, along with heavy accumulating snowfalls and a host of other grueling conditions that Mother Nature throws at the area and everyone (and everything) in it.

As many property owners and builders who are new to the area quickly discover, building tactics that are commonplace in other parts of the country just won’t suffice in Alaska. What will do just fine in the Lower 48 just isn’t up to the task of enduring the harsh conditions of that region.

Homes and buildings that are constructed with average strategies and common materials often quickly prove to be no match for the local conditions. Condensation can lead to foggy or frozen windows, and moisture can quickly invade the interior of the structure. This could also lead to a prevalence of mold issues, along with poor indoor air quality.

At the same time, the living and working conditions inside of these homes and buildings would be uncomfortable—perhaps even uninhabitable for anyone who had to endure this environment. Not to mention, utility costs would be extremely high, and a significant amount of energy would be wasted.

To help address these issues and come up with possible solutions, state officials created the Cold Climate Housing Research Center (CCHRC) in 1999. This nonprofit organization was founded with the purpose of researching, testing, and promoting building technologies that are energy efficient while also producing durable and healthy structures.

The majority of CCHRC members are Alaska-based building contractors. This group has earned a well-respected reputation in the county as being among the pioneers and leaders in the area of energy-efficient building research and development.

Among the technologies that the organization and its members have researched is spray foam insulation. This has become an increasingly popular choice among contractors and property owners because of its impressive abilities to create a strong, durable and weathertight protective layer around and within a structure. This makes the interior space more comfortable and helps establish a consistent air and temperature environment. Equally important, it helps prevent wasted energy—which translates to less waste and lower utility bills.

While most property owners in other parts of the country will never have to worry about the concern of wondering whether their homes can withstand Arctic conditions, most people do still want to feel confident that their properties are as strong and durable as possible. Energy savings is also a high priority for residents of all parts of the country.

If spray foam insulation is able to satisfy the demands of Alaskan contractors and meet the ambitious standards that builders and property owners in that area require, it can certainly offer a great solution for those in more typical climates.

The materials in spray foam insulation can help keep air from escaping out of a property, and makes the living space much more comfortable and pleasant. It can also let property owners enjoy significant savings on utility expenses.

Property owners can enjoy these benefits by hiring contractors who specialize in these projects—contractors who will need sprayfoam equipment such as we provide at Intech Equipment & Supply.