Spray Foam Insulation Systems Compared

Spray Foam Machines Intech Spray Foam EquipmentWe all know that making the case to prospective customers for SPF insulation versus other types of insulation can be challenging, especially if you only look at the price tag when reviewing the costs.

However, as many of you may already be aware, the true cost of your insulation system, does not always present itself until a new home is built, or the first energy bill arrives.

Similarly, there are many types of spray foam machines, or spray foam insulation systems, available for professional SPF contractors to choose from, yet the choices can be overwhelming, especially if you are relatively new to the industry.

Typically delivered on mobile spray foam rigs, spray foam machines are a valuable asset to any spray foam insulation or roofing contractors business. In fact, rigs can significantly increase both the efficiency and productivity of your operation by allowing job sites to get up and running quickly, and ensuring minimal downtime.

A Self-Contained, Complete Job Site

In a nutshell, a spray foam rig serves as one convenient and portable unit, containing all of the spray foam equipment necessary to complete a spray foam job. The setup can be easily moved and transported to other job locations.

Most importantly, spray rigs offer the advantage of providing an enclosed space within which a spray foam insulation system can be stored securely and protected from the outside elements.

Here are some of the systems we offer:

Classic Contractor Mobile Spray Foam Rig

The Classic Contractor E20 is a great entry-level mobile spray foam insulation rig. It is meticulously designed for the budget conscious SPF insulation contractor and ideally suited for those that typically spray up to two sets of open cell or closed cell spray foams per day.

Interstate Mobile Spray Foam Rig

Over the last decade, the Interstate models have been our best sellers to those contractors that are looking for a fully outfitted mobile spray rig. This spray foam insulation system has proven to be the best unit on the market as a turnkey product for SPF contractors just starting out in the business.

Pro Series Mobile Spray Foam Rig

All of our spray foam insulation systems are built with SPF professionals top of mind. The Pro Series rigs are typically customized together by the contractor and the rig designer to reach the perfect fit for a commercial or industrial application.

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