Spray Foam Part of Insulation Retrofit for Old Home

An impressive recent home renovation project clearly demonstrated that spray foam insulation can be very effective in making both old and new homes more energy efficient.

As part of their ongoing research efforts to identify and improve upon the best tactics to create net-zero buildings, a group of organizations took on a project to significantly improve the energy efficiency of an 80-year-old home in Massachusetts.

Needless to say, there were numerous areas in which the property could be enhanced or repaired to allow for energy savings. The project involved a variety of different tactics and materials to help achieve the desired goal. Spray foam insulation was used to make the foundation and basement area more airtight. In addition, spray foam was also used to fortify and insulate the roof.

While spray foam insulation and roofing materials are now commonly used as a popular choice to make new homes more energy efficient, this project shows that these materials can also have a big impact when used in a retrofit situation involving an older home.

This project likely required the use of a variety of machines and equipment, perhaps including spray foam rigs. Intech Equipment & Supply is a leading distributor of spray foam rigs of all types and sizes.