Spray Foam Roof Helps Homeowners Save Money

Save Money with Spray Foam Roofing

Image courtesy of DAS Products Inc.

An Arizona utility company recently announced a program in which it would essentially rent space on customers’ rooftops. APS will spend more than $50 million to install solar panels on the roofs of 3,000 Arizona properties, for which the property owner will get a small discount off their monthly electric bill. This will allow the utility company to generate enough power to meet the state’s renewable energy rules.

For homeowners nationwide who aren’t interested in renting out their rooftop real estate, there is another way they can still use their roof to make (or at least save) money.

Reinforcing the roof’s surface to make it more energy efficient can allow any property owner to enjoy considerable savings on their energy bills.

One very effective tactic for making a roof more solid and weather-resistant is by using spray foam roofing and coatings. This creates a durable membrane that can keep air and water out and prevents heat and cooling inside the home from escaping, which eliminates wasted energy.

The spray foam and coatings equipment  is an important part of this process. This equipment allows contractors to apply the roofing material quickly and efficiently, helping the job proceed smoothly.

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