Spray Foam Roofing Helps Historic Building

Spray Foam Roofing Helps Historic Building Spray foam roofing and coatings have become a popular way to repair or reinforce a roof that has become weak or vulnerable. Often, this condition occurs due to the age of the structure, coupled with the wear and tear that can be caused by the elements.

However, when the property involved is more than a century old, the challenges can be multiplied and may involve some unique issues. That’s the situation a property owner found himself in recently after he acquired a history Kentucky building that was 125 years old. While the building had lots of charm and nostalgic connections, it also had the considerable structural issues that can come with old buildings.

As this story notes, the two major concerns of the new owner were the deteriorated roof and the inefficient, outdated insulation (or lack thereof). After doing some research and consulting with professionals, the owner found a solution that could resolve both issues: spray foam.

Spray foam roofing materials were used to replace the existing rubber-based roofing, which had been badly damaged by water. Installing a new spray foam surface on the 1,900-square-foot roof took several days, and involved some interesting challenges—including the fact that there was only one very small access way to the roof.

The roofing crew was able to install a new roof that will last many decades and stand up well to the elements, but they also installed some additional safety elements at the same time. Plus, they included some elements that will help with drainage and water flow, to help avoid the pools of standing water that can frequently cause damage.

Following the roof project, crews also upgraded the building with spray foam insulation. All of this work together will help protect the remodeled structure, while also greatly improving its energy efficiency and lowering utility costs.

These jobs required an assortment of essential equipment, including Graco proportioners, spray guns and a variety of roofing equipment. A mobile spray rig helped keep things organized and made the job run much more smoothly. Needless to say, safety and personal protection equipment also played a vital role in all of the projects at the site.

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