Spray Foam Roofing Reduces Energy Loss for Businesses

Spray Foam Roofing Reduces Energy Loss for Businesses For most businesses (as with most homeowners), energy costs are a major expense. Few property owners relish the thought of receiving the newest utility bill. This is particularly true at certain times of the year when energy usage tends to spike. For colder areas of the country, that would mean the winter months when heating bills can soar, while warmer climates use more energy in the form of cooling systems during summer.

The worst part about paying high utility bills, though, is the realization that a sizeable portion of that expense represents energy that is completely wasted.

A report produced by Carbon Trust revealed that approximately 10 to 15 percent of total energy costs for commercial buildings are wasted by heat losses through the building fabric. The major sources of heat loss are air leakage and faulty roof panels, followed by air that escapes through the floor, walls, and doors and windows.

Companies that are able to minimize energy waste and cut their utility bills can boost their profit margins. This can also allow them to spend more money elsewhere, such as perhaps by hiring additional workers or increasing pay rates for current employees. They may even be able to invest in valuable equipment that can improve the company’s productivity and make it more competitive.

Spray foam roofing can greatly improve the strength and durability of a roof’s surface, while also preventing leaks and weak points that can allow energy loss. Intech Equipment & Supply is the top source for roofing materials and spray foam equipment.