Spray Foam Used for Floating Barge Office

Jubilee Wharf isn’t your run-of-the-mill workspace. The organization (based in the United Kingdom) wanted a location to serve as a hub that could offer workspaces to small businesses. Thinking out of the box, it commissioned a World War II barge and added a modern structure to the ship’s hull. The result is a completely unique and eye-catching office “building” that is unlike any other.

The final result didn’t happen overnight, though. It took some hard work and ingenuity. Bringing the ship up to today’s standards and making it practical for business use took some planning.

One major goal was to make the building energy efficient. Rigid insulation was the initial choice, but that plan had to be abandoned once it became evident that the ship’s irregular borders and other structural factors made that impossible. The solution: spray foam insulation, which is perfect for a situation where there are lots of cramped spaces involved.

Those who manage the Wharf building say it is now extremely energy efficient and uses about half the energy of a comparable building without these insulation measures.

Most contractors won’t ever have to insulate a war-era ship, but spray foam insulation can be equally useful for more traditional types of structures. Find a wide range of spray foam insulation equipment and everything else you need at the online store of Intech Equipment & Supply.