Spray Rigs Create Energy Efficient Homes of All Sizes

Spray Rigs Create Energy Efficient Homes of All SizesReducing energy consumption—and the utility bills that go along with it—is a high priority for many people and businesses these days. That is why so many property owners are making a conscious effort to do whatever they can to make their new or existing properties more energy efficient. Achieving this goal can be a major endeavor that encompasses a wide range of tactics and strategies, including carefully selecting building materials that offer the best energy-saving characteristics.

The good news is, it is often possible to implement changes and upgrades that can make a significant impact on the property’s energy usage with relatively little hassle and limited expense. And this is feasible for just about any property, of any size, shape or design style.

That is fortunate, because today’s homes come in a much more diverse range of sizes and styles than ever before. However, many people may be surprised to learn that while some homes are growing bigger, their utility bills aren’t necessarily expanding at the same rate. It may not sound like it makes much sense mathematically, but data shows that as new homes in the U.S. get bigger, their relative average energy consumption decreases.

That’s according to research conducted by the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Their reporting has shown that while U.S. homes built in the year 2000 and later are on average 30% larger than older homes, their energy usage is only about 2% more. That means a drop in energy costs on a per-square-foot basis.

This is a result of a number of factors, but one primary consideration is the trend toward energy efficient building materials, and the popularity of environmentally-friendly construction tactics. Newer homes are, in general, built more efficiently and with an eye towards reducing energy consumption.

Of course, property owners that are resisting the “bigger is better” building trend and downsizing to smaller homes will really see considerable utility savings, especially if they take steps to improve the energy efficiency of their smaller property.

Older properties of any size can often easily be transitioned to be more energy efficient with a few relatively easy upgrades and changes, such as by replacing or augmenting the current insulation with spray foam materials. With existing structures, sealing up any leaks, holes or drafts is also important in order to reduce energy loss and the wasted money it represents.

Obviously, the actual energy usage of a specific home or other structure will depend on a number of factors related to the property and how it is constructed and maintained. The utility bills for properties that are roughly the same size can vary considerably if they have different types of heating, insulation and other characteristics that affect energy consumption.

Still, utility savings are virtually guaranteed on almost any type of home or building if energy-conserving measures are taken. Whether a property is cozy or colossal, making it more airtight through the use of high-quality insulation materials (among other tactics) can make a major difference that results in considerable savings in utility costs.

Getting a property to a state of maximum energy efficiency is a process that involves a bit of work, and an assortment of specialized equipment. In the case of spray foam insulation or roofing materials, this means an array of roofing and spray foam equipment, including spray rigs, spray guns and related items.

Mobile spray foam rigs are often the ideal solution for a spray foam roofing or insulation contractor, because they offer an easy and efficient way to get a jobsite up and running quickly. These mobile rigs serve as an all-in-one workplace, conveniently housing everything the contractor and their crew needs in order to complete a spray foam job, without the hassle of storing and transporting a slew of separate pieces of equipment.

We offer a wide range of spray foam equipment in general, and spray rigs in particular. Our staff has the experience and in-depth knowledge that helps them assess your needs and recommend the spray rig or other equipment that would perfectly meet your needs, without requiring you to buy more than what your business requires. If you like, we can also create a custom-designed mobile spray rig that is tailored specifically for your particular needs and preferences.

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