The Latest Spray Foam Statistics

spray foam statisticsSpray polyurethane foam (SPF) sales topped $1 billion in 2015 by numerous estimates after a solid year of growth due to increased activity in construction and home improvement projects, according to a recent article published in Plastic News.

Manufacturers reported that approximately 460 million to 490 million pounds of SPF – commonly for roofing and insulating – were sold last year in the U.S. and Canada, the article states, adding “at a cost of roughly $2.25 a pound, SPF reached the milestone of being a $1 billion market in 2015.”

Residential insulation applications drive spray foam sales growth

According to Freedonia Group Inc., a Cleveland-based industry market research firm, spray foam typically competes against fiberglass and cellulose for residential uses, and against foam boards on the commercial side in the U.S. insulation market, experts are projecting to grow 6.6 percent a year through 2019 to $10.3 billion.

“Fiberglass and foamed plastic are by far the most prevalent types of insulation, together accounting for 93 percent of the market by value,” Freedonia analyst Nick Cunningham said in a recent news release.

Spray foam use in unvented attics an increasingly popular option for homeowners

The use of spray foam in home attics is one application that is most definitely on the rise. As you are probably already aware, for hundreds of years, most homes have been built with ventilated attics — often screened vent holes under the eaves —to allow warm air and moisture to escape, and to keep the roof cold during the winter months.

However, the reception of unvented, conditioned attics has been increasing since around 2006, when the International Residential Code started allowing them. This was partly in response to builders wanting to locate HVAC equipment to this area.

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