Urethane Foam Products are Versatile and Popular

If there were a popularity contest for home improvement and insulation products, we would be willing to bet that spray foam would take home the crown, or at least be a top finalist. That’s because insulation and roofing products made from this material have become in high demand, as energy costs soar and property owners look for ways to slash their utility bills.

Spray foam isn’t just super energy-efficient, it is also extremely versatile. Urethane foam molding and other spray foam and polyurethane products are used in a wide variety of formats and situations in commercial and residential construction and home improvement. These products (or variations of them) are frequently used for insulation, soundproofing and, leak repairs, draft prevention and roof reinforcement.

For ultimate utility savings and energy conservation, property owners and their contractors can brainstorm ways to use spray foam in several different applications throughout the property. The combined effect can result in significant savings on energy bills, and can also make the property much more comfortable and well-protected from the elements.

To help their customers take advantage of the many benefits that spray foam offers, contractors should ensure they have the right spray foam equipment, which they can easily order from Intech Equipment & Supply.