White House Announces Energy Efficiency Measures

Energy efficiency at all levels is an issue that impacts everyone in the U.S. It is imperative that all businesses, homeowners and tenants do everything in their power to reduce their own individual energy consumption, while also enabling and encouraging others to be able to lower their energy usage, as well.

When each home or business uses less energy, the results add up to a surprising level. The collective impact of even small improvements in energy efficiency can make a huge difference in the situation at a national level. Conserving valuable natural resources should be a top priority for all of us. This is an issue of critical importance for our entire country.

So it makes sense that this issue is high on the agenda of those at the very top levels of our national government. And of course it doesn’t get any more powerful than the office of the President. The White House just announced an assortment of measures and initiatives designed to encourage energy conservation, to reward those who make this a priority, and to enable individuals and businesses to better implement measures that will cut their energy consumption.

An official White House news release announced a package of initiatives designed to “promote the use and development of smart, simple, low-cost technologies to help households save on their energy bills and help America transition to cleaner and more distributed energy resources.”

These moves include $1 billion in increased available guaranteed loan money to help fund the development of innovative energy-saving technology. In addition, there is Property-Assessed Clean Energy financing for energy-saving upgrades involving single-family houses.

There is also a joint program run by the Dept. of Housing & Urban Development and the Dept. Of Energy to offer homeowners access to tools that will help them better evaluate and improve the energy usage of their properties.

These latest steps build upon plans announced earlier this summer, which outlined specific target goals related to energy consumption. Those goals include installing 300 megawatts of renewable energy across federally subsidized housing by 2020 and doubling energy productivity by 2030.

While there are of course a variety of ways to make homes and businesses more energy efficient, there are a few tactics that have become very popular among property owners and contractors today. One of those leading options is spray foam. This material can be used both for insulation and to reinforce or repair the surface of a roof.

Spray foam is so popular for these purposes because it has such impressive insulating properties. It creates a strong and consistent airtight seal that keeps air and moisture from entering a structure. This helps keep energy from escaping through the walls or roof, along with any cracks or leaks that may be found within them. Spray foam has an uncanny ability to squeeze into cracks and crevices, which further enhances its effectiveness as an insulating and protective material.

Property owners who have outfitted or upgraded their homes and businesses with spray foam have been pleasantly surprised to find that they can then enjoy significant savings on their utility bills as a result of this choice. In addition, the interior space of these structures are also often much more comfortable, thanks to the elimination of drafts and leaks.

As a result of these considerable cuts in utility costs, the expense of spray foam can often pay for itself in a relatively short time. And taking advantage of any available government incentives or similar programs can just add to the financial allure of this strategy for building improvements. In addition, using spray foam to reinforce roofing surfaces can also help lessen the risk of wind and water damage.

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