The Truth About Buying Used Spray Foam Equipment & Rigs

Operating a spray foam business requires good management and decision-making. Whether you are managing a team of contractors or working solo, you must weigh the cost versus the benefit in every purchase. In an industry where success depends on precise chemical reactions and accurate applications, the quality of equipment you use is important.

Buying second-hand tools and equipment is a good way to save money while getting the items you need to keep your business operational. Since used spray foam equipment has had previous owners, you avoid paying the factory-fresh price. However, there are some caveats that you should be aware of before committing to buy. When you make informed decisions, you can get good-quality equipment that will last a long time. These are some truths about buying used spray foam equipment and rigs.

Truth #1: If you choose carefully, you can save a lot of upfront costs and gain a valuable business asset.

If you are handy, experienced, and know how to work with older equipment, you can find some good deals on used spray foam rigs. There are also many machines available in like-new condition that you can use to supplement your rig at a fraction of the cost of buying new. Look for pre-owned equipment with vetted maintenance histories that has been tested or factory refurbished.

Truth #2: If you do not choose used spray foam equipment carefully, you will pay for it in delays.

If you start looking online, you will find used spray foam equipment in forums, online sales exchanges, and more. But if you are not careful, you can end up with equipment that has not been maintained properly. For example, there may be chunks of hardened debris in a spray foam gun or “Y” strainer. Crystallized materials built up on parts that were not cleaned regularly can wreak havoc while you are on a job and cause delays. Error codes can also pop up due to a variety of problems such as worn motor brushes. This is not something many people think to check before purchasing equipment, but it will cost time and money to fix problems like this, which can throw you off schedule.

Truth #3: If you are inexperienced, it is better to choose new equipment.

If you are just getting started in the spray foam industry or are starting out on your own as a business operator, it is a safer option to buy new equipment. Spray foam equipment can be highly complex because it is constantly exposed to strong chemicals and requires frequent upkeep. Therefore, you must be confident in your ability to operate and maintain it. If you have any doubt in your own know-how, it is a better decision in the long run to invest in new equipment to minimize any potential operational and maintenance problems.

Truth #4: You should check for replacement part availability before committing.

When buying used spray foam rigs and equipment, it is a good idea to do your research to find out how easy it is to find replacement parts. Generally, newer machines have more replacement parts available online and in suppliers’ warehouses. Also, it is more likely that in-demand parts will be available for well-known brands such as Graco, PMC and Carlisle.

Overall, the older and more obscure a machine is, the harder it is to find parts. Though it may be up and running when you buy it, you must consider how much you will get out of the upfront cost if you cannot find replacement parts. If you see used equipment that you like, call the manufacturer and provide the model and serial number. Ask if parts are still available for the machine and if there are any plans to discontinue them. If the outlook is good and you feel comfortable with the spray foam equipment in question, then you may have a match.

Truth #5: You should only buy from a place that checks used equipment.

Buying any used spray foam rigs and equipment is risky when you do not go through the proper channels. There is a big difference between buying used equipment from someone you meet online versus buying from a reputable company such as Intech Equipment and Supply. Intech does comprehensive checks on used proportioners, compressors, electronics, and other equipment. If an item does not pass its strict criteria, then we do not sell it. We are here to save you time and help you increase the value of your business. So we are dedicated to offering only top-quality used spray foam equipment. 

Used Spray Foam Rigs and Equipment At Intech Equipment & Supply

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