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Graco Spray Equipment

Graco Reactor

Air, electric, and hydraulic proportioners for spray foam, foam insulation, polyureas, bedliners, and more
Graco Xtreme Mix

Ensures a perfect mix and smooth distribution for dual component high-solids specialty coatings
Graco Coating Equipment

Roof Rig series are the industry standard in quality and reliability
Graco Foam Guns


The latest design innovations for ease of use, minimal maintenance, & reliable spray
Graco Coating Guns


The latest design innovations for ease of use, minimal maintenance, & reliable spray
GlasCraft Proportioners

Models for both polyurethane foams and polyureas, for various applications


Intech is a full-service distributor of Graco and GlasCraft spray equipment for

  •     polyurethane foam

  •     plural- and single-component coatings

  •     sprayed on bedliners

  •     polyureas, and more


We offer

  • equipment a-la-carte

  • full packages

  • training

  • complete after-sale support including parts and best-in-industry service


Intech also carries all of the necessary support equipment and accessories, with the same great parts and service support.  Our staff has years of experience and they're ready to help you with whatever you need today. Contact customer service at 602-257-0720, or send email. To place parts orders, call our toll-free parts line at 1-888-920-1313.


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