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CC20 Respirators

CC20 Respirators
Consider the Bullard CC20 Respirator system as an effective, simple and economical solution for respiratory protection on the job site. Available in two main options, as a loose fitting face piece or as a hood designed for certain Bullard respirator models, the Bullard CC20 is also available in a variety of sizes and specifications. This respirator is approved by NIOSH for use in Type C applications, and there is no need for a fit testing. These respirators have received the OSHA APF rating of 1000, which is the OSHA designation for Assigned Protection Factor.

Begin by choosing the type of Bullard CC20 respirator that would work best for you and your crews. Select either the loose face piece or the hood, which can be used with Bullard’s CC20 respirator, as well as the PA20 and the PA 30 series of respirators. The patented neck design on the CC20 is based around the cuff that allows the user the comfort and safety of positive pressure inside of the hood during use. When air comes into the hood, the collar will tighten as a result of filling up. This leads the collar to form to the user’s neck, which gives a tight fit and also adds extra protection in the form of a barrier against contaminants entering in. Another great feature is the wide lens, which provides for extra clear viewing space, aiding in even more job site awareness and safety.

Select the size and model of the Bullard CC20, with the available options for taped seams, which give extra protection against penetration of liquids or decontaminants. Depending on your applications, choose from DuPont Tychem QC or DuPont Tychem SL construction. Order online, or call one of our six locations to work with an Intech Equipment and Supply expert. Receive personalized service and advice, and take comfort in your investment towards a safe working environment.
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hood, 20-sicn w/o h/d #4100


Price: $77.00

hood, 20sicv


Price: $92.67

hood, 20sicvn, long bib


Price: $84.52

hood, 20-ticn w/o h/d #4020


Price: $38.00

hood, 20-tics assy sealed


Price: $67.00

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