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Fusion AP Spray Guns

With the Fusion AP, Graco set out to provide a spray gun that gives a better mix and application, but is also tough enough to withstand the harsh wear and tear without constant cleaning and maintenance. The Graco Fusion AP uses Air Purge technology that blasts the tip to prevent and reduce excessive build up, leading to your tip clogging and maintenance being unavoidable.

The Design of the Graco Fusion AP also promotes increased spraying time without excessive fatigue, featuring a comfortable ergonomic handle, and light weight. Additional features include the steel mix chambers, enforced side seals, advanced design mix module, quick shot grease port and hand-tighten front cap.

Use the Graco Fusion gun for polyurethane applications, adhesives, polyurea, coatings and spray foam. The versatile spray gun is ideal for roofing coatings, foam insulation, tank coatings, bed liners, water proofing and more. With Graco, a variety of chamber and tip combinations will ensure that you have the right set up, and can react quickly to new materials as your job site changes.

Shop the Graco Fusion AP at Intech Equipment online, or call or pros for ordering assistance, product comparison and more. Choose a spray gun that provides a better spray, and reduces your time spent on maintenance – Choose the Graco Fusion AP!
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