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If you’ve included a tote heater in your equipment line up, you are likely racing the seasonal clock to complete jobs on schedule before the weather becomes a complete burden. With a tote heater, materials can be protected and easily heated to manufacturer recommended temperatures – Allowing you to continue with business as usual!

Two common repairs on a tote heater that result from extended use or accidental damage include replacing the digital thermostatic control, and repairing any holes or tears in the protective exterior. The PowerBlanket Tote Heater exterior is in two pieces, the top piece which allows for easy access and then the protective encasement that keeps heat in and protects from the elements. If a tear occurs, it’s important to repair quickly to ensure that tote and the pump are continually protected.

Wear and tear over time can lead to the necessary repair or replacement of the digital thermostatic control – and if you are prepared you can keep delays to a minimum! Proper working order is important as this maintains the set temperature and ensures that heat is distributed evenly across the system – Keeping materials at the proper temperatures. The manufacturer replacement part can be ordered here online, saving time and extending the use life of your equipment.

Shop all PowerBlanket heating solutions online, providing affordable and practical means to ensure material temperatures are maintained without costly, intricate alternative permanent heating systems. PowerBlanket also offers complete custom systems, so regardless of your unique need – You can put PowerBlanket patented GreenHeat Technology to work on your jobsites with the weather begins to decline. Order online or contact Intech Equipment and Supply today!
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