120 volt dual element 2,000 watt material warmer

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Hennes-Johnson HJ1000E Electric In-Line Heater

Cold process roofing is growing in popularity more and more as time passes, due to results as well as a decrease in people and equipment needed during the application process. However, with cold process roofing is it necessary to ensure that materials are brought up to specs designated by the manufacturer, of course including desired temperature. Applying at improper temperature can cost you in the long run, as it effects both the application as well as the long term result of the roof system itself. Hennes-Johnson In-Line electric heaters allow you gently warm cold process roofing materials.

Versus using a fuel-powered Hennes-Johnson In-Line heater, an electric version does not expose materials to the LP flame. The HJ1000E heater can give you anywhere from 20 to 40 degrees in temperature rise from the drum to the outlet port. This lets you use roofing materials that are temperature sensitive as they are intended to be used by the manufacturer during application. This is ideal especially for climates that are likely to be cooler in busier seasons, such as Spring or Fall. You no longer have to worry about costly delays and accommodating Mother Nature’s schedule!

Specializing in equipment for cold process applications, Hennes-Johnson equipment is designed and perfected based on field use feedback and rigorous testing during the design process and even after completion, prior to selling. Made for tough jobsite abuse, but also designed to maximize user safety and provide heat with Twin 2000 w. elements that are efficient and safe.

Hennes Johnson also provides extensive equipment and parts lineups for additional aspects of the cold process roofing application system. Shop sprayers, mixers and more at our convenient online store. Contact the experts at Intech Equipment and Supply for all of your roofing and spray foam equipment questions, including product selection, troubleshooting, training and more! We are your resource for roofing and spray foam insulation with six locations across the US to serve you.