graco fusion ap gun round - ar2020

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Fusion AP Gun 246099 by Graco

When talking spray foam, decreased maintenance requirements are rarely mentioned in the same sentence! With any plural component application, by nature you have sustained wear and tear and numerous demands in order to keep equipment and results in top shape. With the Fusion AP by Graco, applications and maintenance are revolutionized by the unique design and built in user features. Learn more, order and compare at Intech Online today!

Spending less time on maintenance and cleaning routines for your equipment means more spraying time – The hours in the day that are actually spent actively spraying are generally limited because your equipment requires that you stop to clean, reinforce or otherwise service your spray gun. With the Fusion AP, not only do you get built in cleaning and maintenance technology but you also get reinforced parts and ultimately a better end result. Regardless of the tip and chamber combination you deploy – The features of the Fusion AP remain the same.

For the 246099 Round Pattern, Fusion AP is accompanied by an AR 2020 (000) mixing chamber with .020 orifice. Your chamber is protected by strong and resilient side seals, but also easily accessible without a full tool belt. Hand-tighten technology on the quick release fluid housing as well as on the front cap give you access when you need it most. The more comfortable handle design and lightweight (3 Pounds!) mean that you extra time spraying isn’t exhausting and uncomfortable.

Use the Fusion AP for spray foam, coatings, roofing, waterproofing, bed liners, adhesives and more. With 3500 PSI (240 BAR) and output of 50 pounds per minute, the Fusion AP is a great addition to any equipment line up due to its versatility. Swap chambers and tips as application demands change, with full catalogues offered by Graco.

For Graco for Spray foam and much more, think Intech Equipment and Supply. Online shopping, phone service and in person support provide custom solutions for every job site challenge you face.

Operation Manual: 309550
Brochure: 300615
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246099 - AR2020 (000) mix chamber (0.020 orifice size)