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246104 Graco Fusion AP with AR7070 Mix Chamber

The 246104 Fusion AP Round with AR7070 04 Mix Chamber (.07 Size Orifice) is a spray gun by Graco for plural component materials such as foam insulation, coatings, and adhesives. This spray gun is as easy to operate as it is to routinely maintain – A great addition to any equipment fleet in both residential and commercial industries.

With the Fusion AP 246104 you can handle anything from polyurethane foam insulation, polyurea coatings, protective bed liners and more. The AR7070 mix chamber is part of the Graco line up of Long Life mix chambers, and the Fusion AP durable side seals hold up against the material abuse. Access to the chamber and seals is simplified versus other types of spray guns – essentially you can leave the tools at the office! The front cap and the Graco Quick-Release fluid housing are both hand tighten and don’t require extra tools to gain access.

Since you spend more time spraying with the Fusion AP and less time down for maintenance and repairs, the comfortable handle and light weight are key as well. The 246104 Fusion AP weighs in at just 3.1 pounds, which means you can spray for longer with wrist or arm pain. The end result is a better application, more comfort, less maintenance, and increased overall productivity on any plural component job.

Use the 246104 for:
  • Polyurea type coatings
  • Foam insulation
  • Polyurethane type coatings
  • Caulks
  • Adhesives

The 246104 is Ideal for:
  • Foam Insulation (both residential and commercial jobs)
  • Apply coatings to pipes and tanks
  • Roofing applications
  • Concrete waterproofing
  • Truck and trailer bed liners

Fusion AP Round Specifications:
  • Maximum Output – LBS/min (KG/min) 50 LBS (22.7 KG)
  • Maximum Pressure - PSI 3500
  • Maximum Working Pressure - BAR 240

Operation Manual: 309550
Brochure: 300615
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246104 - AR6060 (03) mix chamber (0.060 orifice size)