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Spray Foam Insulation with Graco Fusion AP 247114

With the Fusion AP Kit for Spray foam insulation and coatings at Intech Equipment, contractors get one stop shopping for the best in application and maintenance technology. Holding true to Graco tradition, the Fusion AP 247114 combines expertly crafted design and engineering technology along with user input for the ultimate in comfort and operational efficiencies. Applications are more accurate with less waste, and maintenance is reduced leading to less down time for upkeep and repair. The AF 2929 Mix Chamber accompanies the Fusion AP Spray Foam Gun, along with the Flat FT0638 spray tip.

Featuring durable side seals that are easy to access and the AF2929 long life chamber, the results from this plural component gun standout in the crowd of competing features. Graco has also incorporated Air-Blast technology to streamline tip cleaning and maintenance, allowing you to keep working without worrying about build up and your FT0638 spray tip clogging. The tool-less access to the side seals and chamber further cut maintenance time, and the quick-release fluid housing means you can swap out your chamber at a moments notice.

Weighing in at just over three pounds, and supported by a newly designed smooth, curved handle – The Fusion AP Spray Foam Insulation Gun is in for the long haul. You are on the job more from decreased and streamlined maintenance – and you can operate for longer periods comfortably without cramping or discomfort. The Fusion AP can handle foam and coating applications, caulks and adhesives – Perfect for spray foam insulation jobs, as well as coatings on concrete, pipes, tanks, roofing, bed liners and more.

Order the Graco Fusion AP 247114 Air Purge gun with AF2929 Mix Chamber and FT0638 flat spray tip now, right here at the Intech Equipment and Supply online store. Additionally, browse other Fusion AP chamber / tip combos or alternative spray foam guns. For information, comparison and selection help – Give our pros a call!

Operation Manual: 309550
Brochure: 300615
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247114 - Fusion AP Gun with AF2929 mix chamber with FT0638 flat tip