graco fusion ap flat - af2929, ft0848

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Fusion AP Spray Gun with AF2929 Chamber and FT0848 Flat Spray Tip

Selecting spray foam equipment can be challenging. Protecting your investment by doing the research ahead of time can allow you to complete jobs accurately and on schedule, while using equipment that is up for the challenges faced on a daily basis. The Graco Fusion AP gun is accompanied by a wide variety of tip and chamber combinations, and down the line you can swap out chamber / tip types depending on the job at hand. The 247118 combo kit includes the Air Purge spray gun, the AF 2929 mix chamber and the flat FT0848 spray tip.

The 247118 combination features the Fusion AP gun which allows for an output range of 3 pounds per minute to 50 pounds per minute – Operating at 3500 PSI down to 130 PSI. Designed for the everyday contractor, Graco has reduced maintenance time down to a minimum and provided easy access for the remaining necessary tasks. You get optimal application results and minimal interruptions for repairs and routine maintenance tasks.

The Fusion AP AF2929 long life mix chamber features tough side seals that stand up against even the harshest plural component materials. Spray for longer periods without costly replacements being required, and for daily maintenance enjoy tool – free access. Additional features boasted by the Fusion AP set up include solvent-resistant O Rings that allow you to soak the entire gun – Without the worry of swelling or damage occurring. Also enjoy easy to access screens, air blast tip cleaning and the quick shot grease port.

Choose the Fusion AP with AF2929 Chamber and Flat FT0848 spray tip to apply spray foam insulation, coatings, bed liners and more. Ideal for use on both commercial and residential jobs, and engineered to be great for an array of materials. Order online today or view additional tip and chamber combinations, as well as separately available chambers and spray tips in our wide selection of Graco brand products.

Operation Manual: 309550
Brochure: 300615
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247118 - Fusion AP Gun with AF2929 mix chamber with FT0848 flat tip