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Graco Fusion AP Gun with AF4242 Chamber and FT0424 Flat Tip

The selection of Graco Fusion AP Guns, tips and chambers for spray foam insulation includes a variety of combinations to allow you to find the best set up for your plural component material applications. The Fusion AP Spray Gun with AF4242 Long Life mix chamber and FT 0424 Flat spray tip has a maximum output of 50 LBS. / Minute and at 3500 PSI. Designed with expert engineering and user feedback – The Fusion AP for Spray Foam Insulation provides the best in results while decreasing downtime for maintenance.

The AF4242 included mix chamber has side seals that are reinforced to be tough against the plural component material abuse. You can operate for longer periods of time without maintenance or replacement – and swap chambers as your job demands change. No – tool access makes this process efficient and simple. Additionally, the Fusion AP features other maintenance-friendly design elements like the Hand-tighten front cap and quick release fluid housing. Rounded out with air blast tip cleaning technology, and your Fusion AP with FT0424 flat tip is ready for action.
Fusion AP Spray Gun Applications:
  • Industrial and Residential Spray Foam Insulation 
  • Roofing Waterproof Coating on Concrete 
  • Protective Tank and Pipe Coatings 
  • Bed Liners in Trucks, Vans 
  • Secondary Containment 
Fusion AP Materials:
  • Foam 
  • Polyurea and polyurethane coating 
  • Caulks 
  • Adhesive 

Technical Specifications:
  • Maximum Output – 50 LBS. per Minute 
  • Spray Gun Weight 3.1 LBS. (1.4 kg ) 
  • Maximum Working Pressure – 3500 PSI 
  • Maximum Working Pressure – 240 BAR 

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Operation Manual: 309550
Brochure: 300615
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247121 - Fusion AP Gun with AF4242 mix chamber with FT0424 flat tip