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Fusion AP Graco Spray Gun, AF4242, FT0848

Combine the best in spraying precision with the easiest in maintenance capabilities and access, and in spray foam equipment you have the Fusion AP by Graco Inc. The Fusion AP spray foam gun has been meticulously engineered to offer substantial quality at a price tag that contractors love – After all it was your feedback and field experience that made this air purge gun what it is today!

The Fusion AP plural component spray gun can be used for a variety of applications including polyurethane foam, coatings, caulks and adhesives. Dual components are mixed with precision in the AF4242 mix chamber, which is easily accessible thanks to the quick-release fluid housing and the hand-tighten front cap. Both of which can be accessed without additional tools – allowing you to be able to easily clean and complete routine maintenance. Swap your mix chamber out as well as applications change, with all Graco standard mix chambers protected by the enforced side seals. Maintenance features are rounded out with the air-blast built in tip cleaning technology, which prevents your FT0848 flat spray tip from clogging and build up.

Just as easy as the Fusion AP is to maintain, it is to operate. The new handle design is smooth and comfortable, allowing you and your crews to operate for longer periods without the commonly seen hand cramping in other spray guns. Combine minimized fatigue with increased spraying capabilities and precision – and your jobsites will never seen results like this again without a Fusion AP spray gun in play.

Use your Fusion AP gun with AF4242 mix chamber and FT0848 flat spray tip in multiple different job applications. Graco specifies usage to include spray foam insulation in both residential and commercial building projects, coatings to protect tanks and pipes, roofing applications, concrete waterproofing, protective bed liners and more. For additional details or other application specific questions, contact our experts today!

Fusion AP Spray Gun Specifications:

  • Max. Output – 50 LBS/min 
  • Weight 3.1 LBS (1.4 kg )
  • Max. Working Pressure – 3500 PSI
  • Max. Working Pressure – 240 BAR

Operation Manual: 309550
Brochure: 300615
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247128 - Fusion AP Gun with AF4242 mix chamber with FT0848 flat tip