graco fusion ap flat - af5252, ft0624

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Graco Fusion AP 247133 Spray Foam Equipment

The 247133 Graco Inc. Fusion AP Gun package is a complete solution for spray foam insulation and coatings applications in both residential and commercial job sites. The one stop shopping set up includes the Fusion AP spray gun, which was meticulously designed by the engineers at Graco – Largely based on feedback from contractors and ultimately with the end user in mind each step of the way. The Combination of precise application capabilities and reduced maintenance / down time make the Fusion AP 247133 a solid investment.

The lineup here also includes the Graco AF 5252 Long Life mix chamber. The AF5252 is a .02 chamber and Graco includes the cleaning tool and O-ring standard. Your order is then completed with the FT0624 Flat Graco Spray Tip.

With the Fusion AP Air Purge spray gun, results are improved but your tools aren’t getting quite the beating as seen with other spray foam equipment. The Fusion AP produces a better mix with less hassle due to built in maintenance –friendly features that allow the user easy access, and essentially no excuses, bringing maintenance down to a minimum. The side seals around the AF 5252 mix chamber are tough and durable, and the tool – free access granted by the hand tighten front cap and the Quick- Release Fluid housing allow you instant access to maintain or change out the mix chamber.

The end result is a better mix, a better spray application and more time in action than other spray foam equipment. The Fusion AP is proven to provide better results for longer periods of time than any other spray gun on the market. For foam, coatings and more – The Fusion AP with AF5252 chamber and FT0624 spray tip are a great option.

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Operation Manual: 309550
Brochure: 300615
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247133 - Fusion AP Gun with AF5252 mix chamber with FT0624 flat tip