graco fusion ap flat - af5252, ft0848

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Graco Spray Gun Fusion AP 247138

The 247138 Graco Fusion Plural Component, Air- purge Spray gun has raised the bar for user comfort and maintenance reduction. The Fusion AP has other spray foam equipment paling in comparison - with this spray gun constantly battling build up and holding up against the damage that results from the harsh materials is made simple. Extensive, expensive maintenance problems are avoidable, and the time commitments to perform daily and regular maintenance routines are cut to a minimum.

For your plural component jobs requiring anything from foam to coatings - Consider the 247138 Package which includes Fusion AP Spray Gun, AF5252 Mix Chamber and FT0848 Flat Spray tip. To further compliment the ease and strength of the Fusion AP, Graco’s AF5252 Long Life mix chamber boasts it’s own quality features, with reinforced seals and easy access within the Fusion AP. Graco also prevents build up and blockage in your spray tip, using air blast to clean.

Use the Fusion AP 247138 on Commercial or Residential jobsites. Since maintenance and operation time has been orchestrated to be fully for the contractor’s benefit, you increase profit by working for longer periods and avoiding costly repairs. The Fusion AP can be used for spray foam insulation, coatings, bed liners, protective applications for pipes or tanks, adhesives and more.

Make the choice to switch to Graco Fusion AP today, or add another onto your expert equipment line up. For additional information, including alternate tip and chamber combinations, different spray guns and more – browse the Intech Equipment and Supply online store or contact our Graco Experts for assistance today!

Graco Fusion AP Details:
  • Max. Output of 50 LBS/Minute
  • Weight 3.1 LBS (with the manifold)
  • Max. Working Pressure of 3500 PSI (240 BAR)

Operation Manual: 309550
Brochure: 300615
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247138 - Fusion AP Gun with AF5252 mix chamber with FT0848 flat tip