graco fusion cs gun - fl0101, ft0424


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CS01F1 Fusion CS for Spray Insulation and Coatings

Featuring ClearShot technology, the Fusion CS line of spray guns is changing the way every spray insulation and coating jobs run. Every step, from bidding, planning and executing, is streamlined with this revolutionary spray gun. Featuring liquid purge technology and a host of other maintenance reducing features, the CS01F1 is a contractor favorite and the first ever plural-component spray gun with variable flow capabilities. Learn more, speak with our pros and place your order online today!

Fusion CS01F1 Advanced Features:
  • Liquid purge, ClearShot cartridge which inserts into gun handle
  • Eliminate build up and drilling in mix chamber
  • Ability to switch between small and large patterns in seconds
  • Ten different settings, cover big and small areas
  • 10 inch spray pattern at 24 inch distance
  • Spray insulation at 6 LBs / Minute, Foam at 1.0 GPM
  • Change out fluid heads fast
  • Gun head kept cleaner with non-stick polymer covering
  • Reduce purge air by 75%, minimize foam blow back
With the CS01F1 Fusion gun, you get the FL0101 mix chamber and the FT0424 spray tip. The full line of Fusion CS spray guns provides an alternative to air or mechanical purge operation, which also provides you with valuable hours back in a day from reduced maintenance. The Fusion CS takes the rough wear and tear out of the equation, and lets you spray insulation and coatings and focus on completing the task correctly, and on time. Over the course of a day, a job, and a year, the Fusion CS can save you in both maintenance and the versatility making this a great gun to add to your equipment line-ups.

Order online or visit and view the other Fusion CS chamber and tip combinations right here at the Intech online store. As a Graco Top 20 North America distributor for three years running, our pros are able to assist you every step of the way!

Operation Manual: 312666
Brochure: 300615

CS01F1 - FL0101 mix chamber with FT0424 flat tip (.042 orifice size)