graco fusion cs gun - fl0202, ft0624


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Graco Fusion Coatings and Spray Foam Equipment CS02F3

For coatings and spray foam equipment, routine maintenance is key in order to keep your results optimal and ensure equipment breakdown and wear and tear is kept to a minimum. With the Graco Fusion, you get better results and have to perform less regular maintenance thanks to the advanced engineering and design features in this versatile spray gun. With over an hour of reduced maintenance every day, annual savings add up – And all the while your jobs get rave reviews because of the spray quality produced.

The Fusion CS has ClearShot liquid purge cartridges inserted into the handle. Each time you press the trigger, liquid is released into the mix chamber, keep material build up from happening and allowing you to continue spraying without having to stop and clean or drill the mix chamber. The liquid purge is also beneficial in reducing blow back, with up to 75% reduction in purge air. Additional features include the ‘air knife’ functioning to keep build up from the fluid head, which also features a non-stick covering to keep equipment clean. Versatility is virtually unmatched in the spray foam equipment industry, as the Fusion Gun also provides up to 10 spray settings allowing you high output and access to even small, hard to reach areas. Advanced manifold design and other key features keep you up and running with a better mix result.

Order the Graco Fusion that will meet your work site demands, selecting the chamber and tip combination that covers your bases. The CS02F3 comes with the FL0202 mix chamber and the FT0624 flat tip. Graco provides a variety of other options as well, all located in their spray foam equipment line up. Navigate our online store, or call our experts for assistance in comparison and selection, and get your jobs ahead of schedule with the Graco Fusion today!