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Powerblanket Patch Kit / Repair Kit

Wear and tear is inevitable, particularly in any line of work that requires operation in the harsh elements and with materials that can cause damage over time. By nature, job sites can wreak havoc on equipment and having the proper supplies to complete a repair are crucial. Costly delays and impact on your results can be avoided with a simple patch kit from Powerblanket. Having a repair kit ready and available for each of your crews allows or seamless repair and continued operation.

The Powerblanket patch kit includes HH- 66 vinyl cement adhesive, vinyl piece measuring 12 inches long by 3 inches wide, and a roller pad for application. Use the patch kit for tears, punctures or wear spots that are preventing the equipment from properly operating and reaching desired heat levels – or with an exposed part that is not protected from the elements. Early detection and preparedness will keep your jobs on schedule! Weighing in at just 2 pounds, this repair kit can be easily stored in any fleet vehicle or job site trailer.

Use the Powerblanket patch kit to cover and repair the outer shell on Powerblanket heat equipment. Shop all Powerblanket alternative heat sources here, at Intech Equipment and Supply’s online store. Specializing in easy to use, easy to assemble heat sources, Powerblanket makes it possible to work when the weather would otherwise impede. Heat blankets, bucket and tote heaters, pipe wraps and more can be ordered in multiple sizes standard, or are also available in complete custom measurements upon request. Material temperatures and environmental circumstances can be impacted by weather conditions, and without a supplemental heat source, jobs could face expensive delays.

Shop Powerblanket or contact us for additional information on repair procedures, custom orders and more. Our pros can assist you and provide access to manufacturer materials and expert service.

Patch Kit: HH-66 adhesive, 12'L x 3"W of vinyl and roller