diesel exhaust fluid tote heater systems 330gal


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330 Gal DEF Tote Heater By PowerBlanket

Diesel exhaust fluid or DEF is strictly governed by emission regulations in any operation of diesel engines. With DEF, temperature controlled storage is a necessary component to continued operation when the temperatures begin to drop below optimal operation temps. If you are working in an area with low or fluctuating temperatures, having a supplemental heating source is a priority! This keeps your materials in proper condition and ensures your jobs can continue, and that the results are as intended.

With PowerBlanket, heating is made simple and affordable in contrast to costly, permanent heating solutions. Portable PowerBlanket DEF Tote Heaters save both money and time on the job, using GreenHeat patented technology to keep materials at recommended temperatures and to keep your jobs on schedule. The DEF PowerBlanket Tote Heater includes pump housing and pump mounting brackets, protective insulated exterior and top piece – Allowing easy access but protection from the elements.

The 330 Gallon DEF Tote Heater ( 120 Volt, 1,440 Watt, 12 Amps) includes built in thermostatic temperature control for careful regulation, and fully encloses pump and tote in a protective, weather resistant unit. Set up, take down and access is made easy, allowing you to use the DEF Tote Heater repeatedly as your job sites change.

Order the DEF Tote Heater in 275 Gallon or as seen here, the 330 gallon – Or Contact Intech Equipment and Supply today for a completely custom Tote Heater by PowerBlanket. Avoid costly delays resulting from temperature changes, and ensure that your materials don’t become irreparably damaged – Rendering them useless. Protect your investments with a DEF Tote Heater by PowerBlanket!

PowerBlanket 330 Gallon DEF Tote Heater: 120V 1,440 Watts 12 Amps