2" diameter roof core cutter

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Roof Test Cuts with a Roof Core Cutter

Spare yourself the tedious and daunting task of manually taking your test cuts for each and every new roofing project and repair work. As one of the earliest steps in planning, test cuts allow for us to see roofing materials used in the past, as well as identify any issues- such as asbestos and moisture breaches. Although valuable, test cuts can be a dreaded task, and in situations that require multiple cuts, for variances across the roof, it is something to be feared and loathed by contractors across the globe.

Results can be affected if the test cuts are not properly and thoroughly completed, and subsequent planning stages can be negatively effected. In home use, test cuts with a roof core cutter can allow for identification of problem areas in roofing materials leading to leaks in your roof, and ultimately lead to an effective repair versus a guessing game. For contractors, a test cut with a roof core cutter tells what roofing materials have been used historically, from decking to sheathing, insulation and all other parts of the roofing system. In addition, roof test cuts with a roof core cutter help identify any repairs that have been completed that would have an impact on insulation application or coatings, such as asphalt based patches, which can drastically alter plans.

This simple 2” diameter roof core cutter will be your new best friend. Made in the USA, and with the highest quality materials, this is a necessity to be added to your trade tools. A special design that includes aircraft quality metal, each roof core cutter is also treated with heat and sharpened, in addition to being precision machined. An affordable, relatively small investment gets you a tool that is built to last- the cutting teeth can also be re-sharpened for an extended life. Make your life easier, while ensuring accurate results are achieved for your future planning and success. Order the roof core cutter today!