2-worker ambient air pump


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2 – User Ambient Air Pump by Air Systems International

The 2- User Ambient Air pump by Air Systems International is designed to be used with constant-flow respirators operating under low pressure and compatible to be used with an ambient air pump under 15 PSI. The BAC – 10 supplied air set up can provide sufficient air flow for two users wearing tight constant-flow masks, or for one user in a hooded respirator style. For supplied air to pressure-demand respirators or Vortex cooling tubes, browse other industry manufacturers here. Adhering to specific usage guidelines for any ambient air pump is essential for safe and successful operation.

With the BAC – 10, specify your particular model of respirator to ensure you receive the correct coupling size to be compatible with your pump. Also ensure that the ambient air pump will be used only in clean air environments, per OSHA guidelines. For additional options, contact our experts. The BAC-10 has a max output of 10PSI at 9 CFM or 4 PSI and 9.5 CFM. The single phase motor is protected thermally and approved by CSA. Weighing in at roughly 55 pounds, the BAC – 10 comes standard with wired operation switch and standard 115 VAC plug.

Air Systems International provides a full equipment lineup in addition to the BAC 10 Ambient Air Pump, for those seeking alternative solutions. Replacement filters and parts are also available as well, to ensure that your pump continues to operate at max capacity providing the cleanest breathing air. Browse the Intech Equipment and Supply Online Store or contact our experts for additional information, including inquiries on Air System’s International products not available online for sale. With over 28 years of experience and extensive manufacturing certifications and patents, Air Systems International has the knowledge and the skills to provide you with equipment at an economical price tag that will far outweigh itself in value.