100 cfm grade d breather box - 4 to 8 workers


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BB100-CO 100 CFM Grade D Breath Box

With the BB100- CO Breather box by Air Systems International, you have a Grade D air filtration source that will provide clean breathing air for four to eight users. The incoming compressor air is filtered with the breather box, and gives Grade D breathing air to respirator wearers, while monitoring oxygen and CO levels.

The BB100 CO uses a three stage filtration system that is OSHA 1910.134 compliant while flowing the max capacity designated by NIOSH standards per user. The first stage of filtration in the BB100 CO breather box filters particulate and bulk water, featuring an auto drain. Stage 2 has a coalescing filter to get rid of mists, fine particulates and atomized oils also with an auto drain. The final third stage of the breather box filtration has a manual drain, and filters out odors and organic vapors.

The design of the BB100 – CO breather box is made to be used in an up and closed position, as the external case prevents contamination when closed. All three filtration stages have a filter-change indicator, and Air Systems International even provides a free lab certified test for air quality to measure the effectiveness of your new respiratory device.

Operating by either 9 volt battery, 8 – 16 V. DC power or 115 VAC, the BB 100 gives 100 CFM with a 123 CFM capacity and 4 couplings of your choice. Users can work within 300 feet of the unit, or add additional extenders if necessary, available in our accessories. The BB100 CO also features a light and alarm to notify users of a high content of CO.

Order the BB100 – CO Breather Box to add to your PPE respiratory line up, or browse the full equipment line by Air Systems International today at Intech Equipment and Supply. Contact our experts for compatibility and usage questions, or for any additional manufacturing or product information.