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Graco Reactor 2 for Polyurea and Spray Foam Insulation

The Graco Reactor 2 Series provides a full line of equipment that combines the newest technology and user friendly operation in a range of options to choose to best fit your regular applications. After rigorous testing and result measurement, the Reactor 2 line performed in 150 tests in Graco labs, including spraying over 30,000 gallons in 3 million cycles. Arguably one of the largest advancements in our industry, Graco has introduced a way to increase productivity and oversee results in real time. The Reactor 2 E-30 for spray foam insulation, the Reactor 2 E-XP2 for Polyurea and the Fully integrated Reactor 2 proportioners round out the line up and include both standard and elite models.

With Elite Reactor 2 models the machine itself includes Graco InSite, providing real time reporting technology, as well as temperature sensor and inlet pressure sensor that works in harmony with InSite, and the scuff guard for your heated hose is upgraded to a X-Treme Wrap versus the standard wrap. Standard Reactor 2s have available InSite upgrades, if you choose to deploy the technology in the future. Both standard and elite can be purchased as standalone units, or as a package that includes a compatible spray gun, such as the Fusion CS or Probler P2.

The top features of both the spray foam insulation and polyurea versions include the ability to store up to 24 different recipe combinations, and easy control with a data display that is quick and simple to learn. Troubleshooting has been simplified as well, and QR codes give shortcuts to solutions and get your equipment up and running faster. Additional advancements in the electrical and circuitry design provide protection against power surges, as well as guarantee consistent results even when the power supply fluctuates during operation. For an electric proportioner, this means the consistency of results is similar to that seen in hydraulic machines.

Take your fleet of spray foam equipment or polyurea equipment to the next level with Graco Reactor 2 and Graco InSite. Browse the Reactor 2 E-30, Reactor 2 E-XP2 or Fully integrated systems of each today at Intech Equipment and Supply’s online store.